Digital Development Data Advisor (USAID) – Washington, DC

Department: USAID Technical and Professional Support Services (USAID TAPSS)
Location: Washington, DC

This position is located in USAID’s Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation, in the Innovation, Technology and Research (ITR) Hub, which leads USAID in experimentation and innovation to transform development. The ITR Hub takes smart risks to test new ideas and partner with others to scale impact, bringing together diverse partners to transform how we save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance, and help people progress beyond assistance. Working collaboratively with the Agency and external partners, ITR’s mission is two-fold:
To produce breakthrough development innovations by sourcing, testing, and scaling proven solutions that impact millions of people; To transform development by opening it to people everywhere with good ideas, promoting new and deepening existing partnerships, bringing data and evidence to bear, and harnessing scientific and technological advances.
ITR’s collaborative approach supports USAID’s mandate to be on the forefront of science and technology, incorporates breakthrough innovations into our programs and policies, and applies the latest tools, like artificial intelligence and evidence-based approaches to development priorities, countering malign influences and engaging new private sector partners.
The Digital Development Data Advisor position is located in the Technology Division (previously Center for Digital Development), which aims to address gaps in digital access and adoption and advance the use of technology and geospatial analysis in development and humanitarian assistance, while also managing the risks that digital technology introduces into the lives of the communities we serve. This position provides support for the Development Informatics team, which works at the intersection of people, technology, and information to build stronger, more inclusive digital societies. We do this by strengthening institutions’ ability to use digital technology and by advancing the ethical and responsible use of data and digital tools for development outcomes.

The Senior Advisor will work within a team; they will bring their significant experience in digital technology in international development and collaborate with others to improve the work that USAID does. They will influence and advise USAID senior leaders and colleagues on strategic investments in the integration of digital technology, data, and analytic approaches for development outcomes, and design for the digital enabling environments in the countries where USAID works. The Senior Advisor will represent USAID before the Interagency and international development stakeholders where digital and data integration and adaptation is at the forefront for improved development outcomes. This position will have a strong coordination role; it will work across USAID to strengthen how digital technology and policies are woven into how the Agency approaches development programming, and advise on a variety of USAID Digital Strategy initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Manage a portfolio of activities advancing Informatics team goals to include project management, design and implementation of USAID programs, and monitoring, evaluation, and learning.
2. Work with colleagues and Advise on activities across the portfolio
3. Coordinate, create, deliver, and provide oversight of technical advisory services for USAID Missions requesting support for integrating digital technology into development activities.
4. Provide consultation on the design of digital tools and data platforms used to support USAID, implementing partner and host country governments development initiatives (eg. how a Mission activity design team can integrate the Principles for Digital Development).
5. Build and maintain stakeholder relationships with USAID and external partners (government, telecommunications companies) responsible for different aspects of digital data policies and technologies.
6. Provide expertise on legal, policy, ethics and compliance issues around data and digital technology that impact USAID’s international development work.
7. Represent Informatics team and the Technology Division interests at high-level industry and interagency events.
8. Support Bureau level objectives to build capacity within the Agency to better use technology and data in USAID programs for development outcomes.
9. Other duties assigned.
Required Qualification, Education and/or Experience:
1. 8-12 years of experience working in international development, specifically in implementation of digital technology-enabled programs and/or innovative digital design and implementation OR 6 – 8 years of above experience plus an advanced degree in a relevant sector (e.g., computer/ data science, engineering, international development, public administration/policy).
2. Experience in data policy and regulation, building or consulting on data integration projects, and data systems/platforms.
3. 5+ years’ experience working in a developing country.
4. 3-5 years managing programs and / or people.
5. Experience working with USAID Missions and partners.
6. Experience in policy reform in development.
7. Strong understanding of technology trends and developing legal/policy frameworks influencing international development outcomes. Specific areas of interest include data governance, digital government, and digital economy.
8. Experience with mission-oriented, strategic communications.
9. Experience collaborating in a team to both support others’ work and bring others on board.
10. Experience understanding, appreciating, and prioritizing the perspectives, viewpoints, and realities of the people USAID serves, and the local political economy.
11. Experience pivoting and adapting projects in other countries based on emergent lessons.

Strong Skillsets Needed:
1. Humility
2. Adaptability
3. Listening
4. Writing
5. Editing
6. Verbal Communication
7. Teamwork
8. Multitasking
9. Organizing and Planning
10. Information Synthesis
11. Project Management
12. Empathy
13. Facilitation
14. Coordination

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