Proposal Coordinator, Federal (100% Remote) Washington, DC Metro

Job Description:

Supports Proposal Manager and teams of proposal professionals, operational team members, subject-matter experts (SMEs), teaming partners, and other identified corporate resources to develop and submit compliant, responsive, and compelling proposals. Builds and maintains positive working relationships with Proposal Managers, Sr. Proposal Coordinators, Proposal Writers, SMEs, Business Development/Capture Manager, teaming partners, and other identified corporate resources.
Helps ensure proposal content complies with government instructions and evaluation criteria and is tailored to meet unique performance work statement (PWS) requirements. Responsible for identifying, understanding, and ensuring compliance with federal solicitation requirements to ensure proposal meets (or exceeds) all standards.
Supports Proposal Manager on proposals of low to moderate complexity with oversight from Proposal Manager and may be asked to support proposals of high complexity.
Supports development of technical volumes, general volumes, and past performance volumes. Creates and edits proposal content as necessary for sections including, but not limited to past performance, corporate experience, resumes, cover letters, and delivery emails. Receives guidance from Proposal Manager, Proposal Writers, and section/volume leads during the proposal development process.
Assumes responsibility for various proposal department projects/initiatives, including but not limited to tracking proposals, key performance indicators, and general research requests.

  • Ensures completion of all steps in the federal proposal development process for assigned proposals using Proposal Checklist.
  • Monitors solicitation websites and disseminates information, including but not limited to solicitation attachments, amendments, etc., in coordination with the Proposal Manager.
  • Reviews federal solicitation, including instructions, evaluation criteria, and PWS, to develop first drafts of compliance matrices and proposal outlines.
  • Updates compliance matrices and proposal outlines to help Proposal Manager manage and ensure compliant, responsive proposal content.
  • Coordinates with the Proposal Manager and Business Development/Capture Manager to ensure a warm hand-off of capture artifacts, including win themes, proposal/pricing strategy, and identified key personnel candidates.
  • Develops first draft of proposal development calendar in accordance with federal solicitation requirements and other internal deadlines to ensure on-time proposal submission.
  • Coordinates and may participate with Proposal Manager, in interviews with SMEs to help gather accurate, informed, and compelling proposal content.
  • Develops initial content for past performance write ups and coordinates with SMEs and operational team members to ensure data and descriptions are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Coordinates data calls in collaboration with Proposal Manager.
  • Schedules and helps document proposal meetings and assists Proposal Manager with maintaining an Action Item list to gauge progress of proposal development process and quality of content. Mitigates any identified progress or quality issues, escalating to Proposal Manager or other senior leadership as needed.
  • Coordinates, with assistance form Proposal Manager and Business Development/Capture Manager, schedules and participates in solution sessions as needed, to help develop a solution that complies with federal solicitation instructions, evaluation criteria, and PWS as well as identified win themes/proposal strategy and client objectives.
  • Assists in ensuring the development of compliant, compelling, responsive, and professionally written proposal content that clearly articulates the strategic win themes, client objectives, and specific requirements of each federal solicitation in accordance with designated Style Guide. May draft content in support of proposal, including developing new content (e.g., narrative, explanatory tables or graphics) or modifying boilerplate content.
  • Participates in and helps with document management for proposal draft reviews in accordance with proposal calendar and team guidelines. May serve as an individual reviewer, including the designated compliance reviewer.
  • Coordinates with assigned Pricing Manager to ensure development of price volume stays on schedule.
  • As directed by Proposal Manager, may coordinate technical edit, formatting, and production with Creative Team and assigned editors/graphic designers to ensure compliant, professionally written, and visually compelling content in accordance with federal solicitation requirements, deadlines, and AFSC Style Guide. Capable of formatting using basic Microsoft Word commands and may be asked to conduct formatting if needed.
  • Coordinates with and begins to develop positive working relationship with other corporate resources, as necessary; to include but not limited to Contracts, Subcontracts, Legal, and Compliance.
  • Coordinates and conducts, with assistance from Proposal Manager, post-submission proposal activities such as organizing the proposal subfolders and files on OneDrive, archiving materials and capturing lessons learned. Archiving activities include, but are not limited to, ensuring proposal content is used to update existing corporate project descriptions (or start new ones) and added to relevant proposal archive files.
  • Proactively coordinates with Supervisor and Proposal Managers to identify areas for professional development.
  • Provides feedback to Proposal Director regarding personal performance/evaluations and SMART goals, as well as the performance of the Proposal Manager for each solicitation response.
  • Contributes to special proposal department projects/initiatives, as directed.
  • Takes notes during working group sessions and major proposal meetings, recording topics, action items and responsibilities and distributing information to meeting participants in a timely manner.
  • Other Functions as directed.

Other Job Requirements


Exceptional time management, organization, and prioritization skills – must be able to support up to 3 proposals of low complexity simultaneously.
Outstanding communication skills, including the ability to develop positive working relationships with diverse internal and external stakeholders.
Strong analytical skills,
Strong writing skills, including interpreting subject matter and ideas into straightforward and concise proposal language.
Ability to think strategically, apply sound judgment, be resourceful, and take initiative.
Proven and demonstrated computer and software skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, email systems, and file structures.
Strong command of the English language.
Prior experience supporting federal proposals, to include facilitating volume reviews, drafting compliant outlines, and developing compliance matrices preferred.
Ability to ask for assistance as needed to ensure understanding of the proposal development process.

General Job Information


Proposal Coordinator, Federal



Work Experience – Required


Work Experience – Preferred

Education – Required Bachelors

Education – Preferred

License and Certifications – Required

License and Certifications – Preferred

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