Neuropsychologists & Neurologists

Locations: Washington, DC and San Diego, CA

Type: Full Time 2021

Requirements: Strong TBI experience — A MUST-HAVE

Neuropsychologist, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Position Summary: S/he is responsible for assessing and resolving complex social, economic and psychosocial problems that may impact Service Members’ medical treatment or while the Service Member is being evaluated for medical discharge from the service. Provides direct services, to include screening, neuropsychological assessment, treatment, referral, consultation and education and in conjunction with DoD PDH-CPGs.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conducts neuropsychosocial evaluations and provides therapeutic interventions including crisis counseling to individuals as needed to facilitate TBI clinical care management and optimize care. 
  • Evaluates the impact of diagnosis or lack of diagnosis with unexplained chronic symptoms on individuals’ systems as well as assess a patient’s functioning within work, family and routines of daily living and identify areas needing continued support, resources, and treatment in order to assist patients. Provides services to high-risk populations including Service Members pending medical discharge due to physical and or behavioral health injuries/illnesses, Service Members who were wounded as a result of their military duties. 
  • Assist in the development, implementation, and maintenance in partnership with Patients, other health care providers and community resources as applicable; assist in the development of a comprehensive treatment care plan in accordance with TBI health care standards for patients.Assists with coordination of services for those patients who move to another location to ensure continuity of care; facilitates transfer of the case to local TBI health care case management resources, as appropriate. Maintains complete and accurate records and documents for all patient contacts/services provided in accordance with professional standards (AR 40-68) as well as DoD, U.S. Army, installation and facility directed administrative requirements.  
  • Enters patient clinical and administrative data as well as utilization data and other data into automated systems and/or paper records and create reports from these data in accordance with local policies and procedures, Army Regulations and directives from the Army Medical Department, its program administrators, C, TBI and/or the C, BHD. 
  • Responsible for the completion of individual workload accountability in accordance with clinic, medical treatment facility and program requirements. 
  • Abides by all applicable MTF by-laws, JC, DoD, DA and MEDCOM regulations with regard to Utilization Review and Quality Improvement directives including, but not limited to, in-service training, peer review, performance improvement, records maintenance, performance evaluations, and release of information. 
  • Collaborates with and assists other contract service providers, military commanders and community agencies in the development and implementation of deployment-related health programs at the installation and or clinic level. 
  • Participates, as appropriate, in departmental Quality Assurance (QA) programs and adhere to all safety regulations at all times. 
  • Provides technical advice and professional opinions upon request from the MTF Commander, C, BHD and/or C, TBI, Clinic OIC, or other assigned supervisors.
  • Attends and participates in patient care reports, patient care conferences, team conferences, professional staff conferences and any other appropriate professional activities only to the extent that such attendance and participation is relative to assigned cases and/or performance of contract services as determined by the MTF Commander, C, BHD and/or C, TBI, Clinic OIC or other assigned supervisors. 
  • May presents patient cases in regularly scheduled case staffing meetings to discuss status and updates to cases under the direction of the C, BHD and/or C, TBI, Clinic OIC, and/or other assigned supervisors. May attend meetings, case conferences and training under the direction of the C, BHD and/or C, TBI, Clinic OIC, and other assigned supervisors, as required.

Position Requirements: 

  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  Excellent oral and written communication skills required.  Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary health care team is required.  Ability to manage stress, as evidenced by the ability to respond and to meet demands of caseload, such as submitting proper documentation and referrals required.  Knowledge and experience with the military health system, combat/deployment issues, people suffering from medically unexplained symptoms, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and/or disasters are highly desired.  Be proficient in administration and interpretation of basic psychological test measures to include Intelligence Testing, Personality Testing with Objective and Projective Testing.  Must be proficient in advanced neuropsychological testing sensitive to brain injury such as the Halstead-Reitan Battery, computerized performance assessment batteries, Mental Status exams and Dementia Rating Scales.  S/he must adhere to legal, professional and ethical codes with respect to confidentiality and privacy.  
  • Minimum Education/Training Requirements: Doctorate in clinical or counseling psychology from an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited program and must have completed an APA approved clinical psychology internship. In addition, a Clinical Neuropsychologist must have attended a formal neuropsychological fellowship in clinical Neuropsychology, and be skilled in specialized testing and assessment procedure as recognized by either the National Academy of Neuropsychology or Division 40 of the American Psychological Association. Experience within clinically appropriate systems of care may be accepted in lieu of educational minimums. Must possess and maintain current course completion documentation for basic life support (BLS) through an American Heart Association and/or Red Cross approved training program.  BLS shall be renewed every two years.  Must maintain Continuing Education credit sufficient to maintain both their clinical license and to meet MTF specific Quality Assurance standards for credentialing as a Psychologist.   The Government will not pay for continuing education. 
  • Minimum Experience: A minimum of two (2) years within the past five (5) years in the practice of clinical psychology required. Prior experience within the DoD/VA systems of care and providing clinical services to individuals, couples or groups in clinical psychotherapy services strongly preferred.  Related experience will not be accepted in lieu of degree or license requirements.   
  • Required Licenses:  Must have and maintain a current license to practice Clinical or Counseling Psychology.  For personal service employees, the Contractor employee must have and maintain a current license to practice in any one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands, or any US territory that allows for the independent practice of clinical services.  This license must be current and unrestricted (not subject to restriction pertaining to the scope, location, or type of practice ordinarily granted to other applicants for similar licenses in granting jurisdiction. 
  • Physical Capabilities:  Must be able to sit and stand for long periods of time.  Must be able to carry light items – up to 25 lbs.  May encounter patients who are confused, agitated, or abusive. 
  • Supervisory Responsibilities/Controls: None
  • Work Environment:  Office and clinical environment.  Must be available to travel locally, regionally and nationally. 

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